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SubjektPluss Variety Pack: "I drive a Bentley" 36

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LOW on carbs and fat. LOADED with vitamins, minerals, fibre, and protein ...

These are some of the many perks of our Wabba Beans and what we want to let people in new parts of the world be fueled by when they enjoy their treats – without guilt, on any day of the week.

Wabba makes sweet, salt, and spicy deliciousnesses that you can eat Monday through Friday (and on Saturdays and Sundays).

"Your welcome, world!"

Do you always GO BIG (and never go home)? 

We thought so ... Here's all of our six mouthdripping flavours packed in one delicate box, including your designated number of them all.

The variety pack is perfect as a gift to a special someone – that being yourself or someone else ;).

Learn more about each flavour and sizes below!

The Variety Pack sizes:

Name: Amount: Total:
Starter Pack 6 flavours x 1 6 packages
Standard Pack

6 flavours x 2 
12 packages
Sexy Pack

6 flavours x 3 
18 packages
Savage Pack

6 flavours x 4 
24 packages
Mayhem Pack
6 flavours x 5
30 packages
"I drive a Bentley" Pack
6 flavours x 6
36 packages

Salty and sassy:

Sea Salt:
Like playing it safe? Or maybe you just want to make sure you get ‘bang for the buck’? Well, you won't go wrong by choosing our Sea Salted tastebombs. These beans have a clinically perfected amount of sea salt on top of ‘em, according to all foodies’ taste buds and liking. Enjoy!

Cheddar Cheese:
Feel a bit American and enjoy cheese on just about everything? These beans are baptized in Cheddar Cheese and definitely your choice. This flavour smells as cheesy as it looks and feels as good as the kinky dream you never had. Suitable for every cheese-lover across the globe.

Sweet and heavenly:

Cinnamon Bun:

Enjoyed all over the world, but also feared due to the high number of calories that goes along with it: Cinnamon Buns are heavenly good (and dangerous). But fear no longer! Wabba is here to help – without sacrificing the taste you love. This is an everyday-dessert dedicated to you and your conscience. “Arrigato, Wabba”.

Dark Chocolate:

Love chocolate but hate the guilt-trip that arrives after eating it? Say goodbye to that horrible feeling NOW! Wabba’s Dark Chocolate fava beans let you enjoy the magic combination of chocolate and potato chips in one and the same go. This flavour is sweet like a dessert – without actually being one. You’re welcome!

Spicy and savage:


Sriracha? You mean that red and spicy hot sauce from Thailand? Yes!
Sriracha is enjoyed all over the world to spice up meals, but have you ever tried it coated on a snack? This flavour has a spicy-sweet kick to it that you’ll come to
enjoy – and want more of as soon as your first pack has been slaughtered.


Green, sexy, and seen on sushi plates throughout the globe: The Japanese plant known as Wasabi promotes a powerful horse-kick (or two) in every single Wabba bite. Do not apply this flavour to your arsenal of snacks unless you're a seasoned professional in the culinary world (half joke, half true). Good luck!

Key product features:

A) No Gluten
B) No Lactose*
C) No Soy
D) No Nuts*
F) Vegan*
G) Kosher
H) Halal

= Healthy, Tasty, and Guilt-Free.

*May include traces of nuts.
*Our Cheddar Cheese flavoured Wabba Beans contain milk, simply because cheese is made of milk - and we do not 'go fake' in the production of our snack.

- At work or at home
- In the car or a yacht
- With your boyfriend/girlfriend
- Without your boyfriend/girlfriend
- Whilst hunting for deer
- When "looking at the telly"
- If hung over and regretting life
- While enjoying a coffee or beer – or a glass of some bubbly ...

In other words:
Wabba whenever you want, wherever you want – always without any form of guilt.

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