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Wabba OG T-shirt

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A premium T-shirt for premium people who are destined for greatness.

Do not even think of investing in our Wabba OG Tee unless you're constantly on the rise to new and higher mountain tops!

We pay close attention to all incoming orders and punish those placing orders that doesn't match our standards.

You are hereby warned.

True legends don't always wear capes!

More often than not, they are everyday citizens that make excellent choices. Such as investing in our brand-colored T-shirt, made with the finest of organically produced cotton.

For use when ...

  • You want to look dandy
  • Presenting at important meetings
  • Trying to impress a certain someone
  • Working hard, but snacking even harder
  • Moshpitting at a festival
  • Sippin' on some bubbly
  • Walking the red carpet
  • Rocking it at the gym
  • Giving birth
  • On a date
  • ++ 

And FYI:
We are always on the hunt for new ways our T-shirts can be put to use, so do not hesitate to forward an image of yourself using it in exciting new ways. If the image is excellent enough, we'll even send you a gift.

Send it to: .

Key product features:

Don't snack on our bucket hats, stupid! Snack on our snacks ...

- At work or at home
- In the car or a yacht
- With your boyfriend/girlfriend
- Without your boyfriend/girlfriend
- Whilst hunting for deer
- When "looking at the telly"
- If hung over and regretting life
- While enjoying a coffee or beer – or a glass of some bubbly ...

In other words:
Wabba whenever you want, wherever you want – always without any form of guilt.

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